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These covers are ideally used in limited or slow moving and light traffic areas.

The covers suit tiles or pavers in shopping centres, airports or hotels and have a decorative 5mm edge.

Raised Ductile Edges are perfect for pavers (up to 40mm thick), in heavy/slow moving trafficable areas.

They have a Class C loading.

Concrete Infill Covers are used to match surrounding concrete areas.

They are a far stronger product than solid top covers, as they allow continuous fast moving traffic.

Their long life and durability make them suitable for road use.

These covers are ideal to use if access is required on a regular basis.

These are limited to slow moving, occasional heavy traffic.

Heel Guard grating is designed to protect high heels in areas such as bars, nightclubs, and any entrance ways.

There is a 5mm gap between the bars which restricts high heels while still allowing waterflow.

Pedestrian Safe Grating is suitable for public areas and domains.

There is a 10mm gap between bars to allow for waterflow.

They also comply with AS1428.1: Access and Mobility Code of Australia.

This allows our products to be lighter and stronger to allow for early handling.

50mPa Concrete also has sulphur resistant benefits in some aggressive soils and sewerage applications.

You can order coloured concrete to match surroundings. For example Black/Grey to match tar or paved areas.

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