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Quality Assurance

To ensure that our products are always of uniform high quality, the company, in its early formative years, developed successful in house Quality Control Procedures to ensure ongoing product compliance/conformance. To assist in product development and to ensure client special requirements are designed to the highest standard possible, Durham Drainage Products employ the services of Design Engineers with a strong understanding of Australian Standard and International Standard requirements, and the complete range of Durham Drainage Products.

The assurance of quality is therefore fundamental to, and is practiced by all personnel in their daily activities, all subcontractors engaged by the company also follow our quality standards/procedures. DURHAM manufactures locally as well as In association with our overseas suppliers we are named on Certification Solutions International product certification, as joint licence holders for the manufacture and supply of products manufactured in compliance with AS 3996:2006 Access Covers & Grating, AS3600:2009 Concrete Structures, AS3725:2001 Concrete structures for retaining liquids, AS4198:1994 Precast concrete access chambers for sewerage applications, BS EN: 124 -1994 Gully tops & manhole tops for vehicular & pedestrian areas, and BS 750:1984 Underground fire hydrant & surface box frames & covers.

Our long-standing, quality conscious customer base confirms proof of our company’s product and management systems quality.